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Ink on Canvas

Blue of the sea and the ocean. Blue of the mountain and then that of the sky. It is a colour but also a line, a movement, an energy.  Blue is a veil that covers our thoughts with a heavenly mist. Blue is a  journey that will never end, for the blue has erased time. Blue recognises a space and then interprets it according to its nuances of cold and heat, silence and whispers, calm and storm.

The horizon divides the blue, as if it was trying to oppose another truth. One which is fixed at a beginning and an end, but which is finally stretching like a thread on which one travels in tightrope walk in search of a balance. With the breath from without, with the spirit from within.

Nature staged in a single shot that directs us towards our own history, because there is necessarily a story, a secret, a memory, a call. Breathing with a blue that you inhale and a blue that you exhale. The almost monochrome frame in its diversity of a single shade is nothing more than a decor placed at our disposal to disappear and record our future disappearance.

There will be no souvenir but only a new present. Step by step. Forwards and backwards.