The messages of the artists often cover many fundamental subjects: from beauty, love, femininity, respect, nature, history, immigration, racism, politics, to mankind, animal extinction and climate change. The list is endless. And, therefore, she has decided to set up a Foundation with the aim to transmit these essential messages to a wider audience. We will do this through interactive educational programmes specifically designed with children in mind, in the hope that we will bring positive changes to our world.

We will aim to combine the force, passion and creativity of the artists of our planet, and translate them into educational programmes that can easily be understood by children. Informing the future generations - and equipping them with the vocabulary to understand, will better enable children to become the solutions to these current issues.

For every artwork bought and every project curated, a percentage will be reserved to begin funding this programme. With the desire that Art collectors, philanthropists, collaborative galleries and other brands and corporate groups will help us achieve our goals in the future. 

Simply put, it means the artwork you love and purchase will have a direct impact in teaching the next generation with the aim that the power of art reaches a wider audience and brings positiveness.