We’re for the thinkers, the feelers and the doers.
The ones that understand our role is much more than to simply be.
That art is about more than simply pictures on walls.

The ones whom hear the call of the artists – and want to share what they hear.
Who know deeply the pleasure of owning work that speaks to them – and wanting to enable a louder voice. Those who understand that it is through art we can discuss the essential messages of today. And through artists we enable the next generation to learn the vocabulary.

We believe that to truly live well, is to live well with art.

Through our curated collections we find a new voice for established and emerging artists. Through our innovation we connect the works with your home. And through our Foundation we ensure that the messages we hear are shared for others to learn.

SOLÈNE. Live well with art.

At Solène we know that art really comes to life in our home. We’re passionate about making that easy.