Horizon of Day and Night

Hand-cut laminated optical glass, low-iron glass, steel base.


9 x 150-200cm x 40-50cm x 30-40cm

Prismic glass monoliths point to the horizonal rising and setting of the sun (at present and at winter and summer solstices); the south and north Polaris; and the setting of Venus, the light-bringer that connects the horizons of east and west to the celestial sky. Informed through geometric surveys of megalithic stone circles, these monoliths are pillars of light that create a clockwork of optical projections, orienting our presence in light, space and deep-time. The orientation of the monoliths (aligned so as to reveal the ‘light of the place’ corresponding to geo-cosmic cycles) and their colours (with spectroscopic qualities inspired by geological compositions) combine to reveal the 'spectral fingerprint' of the site. The spectral fingerprint of a place deals with its deep time: the light of its geological and cosmological past, interfaced by the elemental and cosmo-technical media that shape the now: Now-ness is an inter-activity.