“My works are typically about my emotions and my feelings and how I can show them in a visual form. So it is basically to visualise emotions I feel. Also What I have learnt from childhood until now and how I handle my feelings about everything. I try as much to get it as thought of. My weapon is using a close friend or relative as my subjects. The reason being that, I know said persons have some sort of understanding about me and how I would want things to go during the shoot: this is my little barrier sometime because I can’t shoot myself. But also a familiar person is my best bet. Most times I don’t need too much directing on set, shooting people who know me well. I also believe I feel much at ease and comfortable when the subject is familiar.”

I am Nana Yaw Oduro. Born, 1994 in the city of Accra. I’m a Ghanaian raised conceptual photographer. My work come from personal emotions and vibrations from within which I aim to capture through my subjects. My educational journey spans from over a decade. I discovered my passion for photography in University whilst I was pursuing a Bachelors degree in Business.

Personally I started photography as a means of communication I used to write a lot but then developed my love for photos because it showed visual narrations to what I wanted to put out and besides, people do not read much.

I create bold contemporary photography. A lot to do with feelings, actions and bold colors.

I have worked on a few projects so far in my career which are personal. : FRUITS ARE FOR BOYS, BOYHOOD, LOST IN THE PLAYGROUND.. are some of them. I have also done some commissions fro several brands. To name a few; CERO MAGAZINE, HEMRICOURT, MAMIWATA SURF.

And have had exhibitions locally and abroad. Ghana, China, USA, France to name a few. Solo and group exhibitions at that. These include international art fairs “SXSW 2019” and “INTERSECT CHICAGO ARTFAIR 2020” , UNE ÉTÉ SANS and a Solo show “SOMETHINGS MYSTERIOUS BOYS DO” at afikaris gallery In France.