Please find the art curatorial services offered by SOLÈNE exclusive to BPS residents.

The concept behind SOLÈNE is to "live well with art". This is a brand new BPS community dedicated service for everyone to be able to enjoy the concept of "living well with art." 

BPS residents' special prices start from £200 for prints, ranging up to the more exclusive and rare works of art, involving art collection management, market intelligence and investment. 

We have created a catalogue with artists represented by us, mostly emerging or mid-career artists.
The catalogue is divided in categories (paintings, photography, sculpture, works on paper, prints, drawings and other mediums).
Please find below the catalogue of art and artists.
We have established relationships and exclusive access and special privileges for the BPS residents with small or international galleries in order to further our market intelligence and art investment.
Please note we will carry on added galleries to the services as well as artists.
As part of our services, we also offer a bespoke art curatorial service with a personal and dedicated approach to all our clients.

SOLÈNE’s philosophy of “living well with art” means that we are committed to listening to and understanding our client’s aspiration, taste and lifestyle.

We offer the first initial consultation for free in the BPS residents' homes.

We are experienced in art curation of our client's homes or offices. We are happy to help our clients even in choosing a single artwork.

For further information, please contact us on info@solene.art or using our contact form on our website. 










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