“Everything is a story of encountering and each encounter is a story.”
“Tout est histoire de rencontres et chaque rencontre est une histoire”

Stéphane de Bourgies is an author: he reads people revealing sometimes the most intimate part of themselves with in mind his constant goodness and the thought of sharing. His life is like an open book narrating beautiful and wonderful encountering, human experiences, full of sensitivity and laugh. His sharp eye helps him within a few clicks to reveal like a mirror: the good, the beautiful and the strength of each person posing in front of him.
Stéphane is famous for his Black & White portraits. His dynamic and skilful work makes his portraits a gallery without end.
His father brought him the taste of photography at the age of sixteen. He then met Ninon Cerruti who requested that he photographed his whole collection for him in Paris. He will then be asked to photograph the collections of Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent….at seventeen, his meeting with Henry Coste will determine his future of mastering portraits.
His venture with renowned chefs started with meeting Jean-François Piège whom chose Stéphane’s portrait for the cover of his book. Paul Bocuse will then contact him to create his iconic portrait than most people know now. Many preciously entrust their image to Stéphane: from the industrial CEO, to French politicians, French actors, journalists, musicians and chefs from the Parisian palaces amongst many others. His style is very unique and recognisable which brings him his international notoriety.
Solène is collaborating with Stéphanie, his agent at DS agence in Paris to expand Stéphane career and photography to the U.K and internationally.  Furthermore, lately, Stéphane has been working on new series of Fine Art photography with Flowers & Nudes which we are very happy to offer for sale for the first time. Stéphane lives and works in Paris and he is happy to travel to London for commissioned portraits or receive international artists in his Parisian Studio. Sting, Malkovich amongst many others went through his doors already.
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Please find below small video footage about the artist.

SOLÈNE wants the viewer to explore and understand the world of each artist by entering their studio life, their daily exploration or even a show, a project that has marked them but more generally SOLÈNE’s vision is for the viewers to see what inspire them, their artistic process and what they wish to share and transmit.

Stéphane, what is the project that you are looking forward to in the coming months?

In January 2021, I am creating a space other 1000m2 in front of the Opéra Garnier Paris called Le Shack. I am very much looking forward to this project and of course my new international collaboration with SOLÈNE.

Photography is for you, more than a job, it is passion? a lifestyle? and if so, how you would translate it in your day to day life?

It is more than a passion, it is something that makes me breathe night and day, day and night.

You have accomplished so much already and yet have you got a dream you would like to live?

To photograph Mick Jagger.

I was seduced by your envy to transmit this kindness, goodness and softness through your clients, your portraits and to extract the best from each of them. Is that something you often hear?

Yes, people often tell me this, in fact, it is the human that guides my life and my work. To see people happy brings me a lot of joy and fulfil me.

The message you wished to transmit was : “Everything is a story of encountering and each encounter is a story”. Is there a story, an encounter, a special professional encounter that touched you more than others, and if, would you like to tell us more?

There 5 encounters, 5 men that has marked my life.
• My dad, at my birth and whom I learnt from to be empathic.
• Nino Cerruti, at 16, whom helped me discover the world of Fashion, Haute-Couture, luxury and elegance and who offered me my first few real photographic contracts.
• Henry Coste, at 17, who put me in the light as a photographer, who helped me shape my eye, and initiated me at portrait, and the knowledge of the human being and whom was my mentor until his death in 2011.
• Pierre Cornette de Saint-cyr whom truly made me understood the meaning of the sentence : “Art is Life”.
• Paul Bocuse whom made me discover the beauty and the finest of the Gastronomy.

As you know, I am extremely attached to help children and their education through art and the messages of the artists and their creation, and you mentioned your own Foundation that you created with your wife, Véronique, would you like to explain the aim of it please?

Yes, our Foundation is called Zazakely Sambatra which means “happy children” in the Malagasy language. Véronique and I created this when we adopted our children. It became obvious as well as essential to help more children from this beautiful country, in terms of education and health.