“It is essential for me to capture the beauty and to transcribe it with my pictural language. I am attracted by extremes and contrasts... the vertigo of a cliff, The tiny details of a Japanese landscape, the graceful curve of a female silhouette, the depth of a shadow or the overlapping of abstract shapes... By being constantly in a contemplative state, I want to offer what I see to those who pass by my work”

French artist born in 1986, Mathilde Brunelet is both a painter and a designer, she leads her different forms of expression with passion. The main motivation that guides hes approach is to catch the eye. Her keen sense of observation and thirst for exploration leads her to multiply journeys, researches and artistic projects to attract observers’ curiosity.

Mat.b is an artistic creator who produces emotions through images, the diversity of her subjects and interpretations is the sign of a living and sustainable work. She paints what she sees and draws her inspiration from the moment, the feeling, the place. She creates from her emotions and likes to be surprised by the chance of her imagination. Her work is steeped in humor and fantasy, she sees the sketches of her future paintings in rural and urban strolls, in music and in the landscapes that pass by. It is essential for her to capture her impressions and transcribe them. It is the extremes and contrasts that inspire her.

She feels the nostalgia for the times she did not live, which gives her a fascination with the ancient arts. In this way, she seeks to revive forgotten settings by integrating, in a resolutely contemporary style, bourgeois and Baroque painting or Japanese prints. She works to tame the Indian ink by deliberately leaving drops, coat of arms which characterizes her work. Her drawings and paintings are borrowed, vestiges of fossilized journeys in her mind.

Curriculum Vitae.

As an artist, what motivates you the most to create?

What I love the most is when I draw or paint something that I consider beautiful out of the blue, the excitement to bring something into life is magical, it's exhilarating to Translate each new idea into my own pictorial language. Many times I have to start over and over but when I am satisfied, it's pure happiness and that is why I create.

You work a lot with medium, india ink, is there a particular reason why you chose this medium?

I am passionate about calligraphy and Asian arts, that must be the reason why. I also love the wet and fluid texture which allows to obtain textured and deep flats.

You live in Paris, would you say you are inspired by this city and so how?

"Parisians" are inspiring to me, I enjoy contemplating the silhouettes of elegant and hurried Parisians. before the covid, I used to sit on the terraces of cafes to imbibe these attitudes and thus transcribe them in my drawings.

Whilst living in N.Y.C in 2012, you started a series called “les parisiennes” that has been exhibited in several hotels in Paris upon your return in the city of light, have you carried on drawing and painting “les parisiennes” since moving back?

On my return to France, I did the painting series called "La Française" but I was quickly bored by this style, so I totally changed my artistic direction to explore a more liberating and fun way of painting with my "DRIPPINGS". Instead of applying very precise figurative details on my canvas, I had to coordinates my gestures in a vertical painting so that the drop occupies the main place, imprinting a silhouette in the undulation of the black paint.

You have been collaborating with various brands such Hermès, Moët, Boucheron, have you got any interesting project in the pipeline that you can share with us?

For more than a year I have been working as an art director for the opening of a 4 start Hôtel in the 9th Parisian district called Maison Mère (opening scheduled for sring 2021). I have my hands on any visual detail (except all big lines taken by the architect). So from the logo I designed to the last décorative objets in the rooms, I had to make choices and follow my instinct. I love this job because it brings together everything I love to do. And the masterpiece of the hôtel is a Mosaic I designed in the lobby.

Have you got any new series or inspiration you are currently working on or are thinking of for the near future?

Actually I am coming back to two series that were made between 2017 and 2018 called "Déjà Vu" and " Contemplation, I want to create variations of those series and explore textures, color variants and supports. Also Something new and exciting came during my pregnancy, the series called "Crowds", I have to continue and explore this inspiration when I will be back on track!